I love the process of hand building pottery and I love items that are functional and beautiful. My designs are born from my desire to have that exact shape...the dinner plate holds the right amount of food for my appetite and the cups are light and comfortable to use.  I love color...I love how flowers brighten up a yard, I love how houses in tropical places are crazy colors, I love wearing the pink, red and orange. Strong bold colors are happy and when you surround yourself with them they make your day just that much better.

A long time ago, when I did my very first show, wondering how my work would be received, I saw person after person approach my booth and tell me how happy my booth was. I had quite an excellent day...and I knew I was on the right path. I have been happy to share my work and my joy since 2005. 

--Erin Moran  

PS I also highly recommend hand washing my pottery. New dishwashers, especially, seem quite harsh, eventually removing the shine (they're designed to power wash without rinsing). And, the pods seem to leave a odd film on things (they are made out of plastic). If I were to use a dishwasher I would definitely use the gentle cycle and never use pods but I always hand wash everything. I do microwave my cups and bowls all the time...especially my coffee cup :) so that is OK to do.