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The next show to catch me at is the League of NH Craftsmen Fair August 3rd - 11th. This show is always full of exceptional crafts and art...fingers crossed for sunshine!!!

This past winter I did a complete studio cleaning and came across some items I had forgotten about. My discontinued page is updated with some pretty cool items :)

Also, if I don't have something on hand it may be in progress...the second half of the year items come and go on a continuous basis...the kiln is always running :)

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Catch a glimpse of work fresh out of the kiln or new work or work in progress or where I will be showing my pots. And, an occasional photo of my kitty cat assistants.


Pottery Care

I highly recommend hand washing my pottery. New dishwashers, especially, seem quite harsh, eventually removing the shine (they're designed to power wash without pre-rinsing). And, the pods seem to leave a odd film on things (they are made out of plastic). If I were to use a dishwasher I would definitely use the gentle cycle and never use pods but I always hand wash everything. I do microwave my cups and bowls all the time...especially my coffee cup :) so that is OK to do