Welcome to my new website!

Happy 2022 to you all!!

I only have a few things left from 2021 and am working on orders for galleries that carry my work and my fantastic collectors who were happy to wait until January to get their gifts :) Any orders placed now will be available to ship in April.

I am doing the Paradise City Arts show in Marlborough, MA March 18th, 19th and 20th 2022. I do have some ideas for new work...hopefully I will have time to get them done :)

Enjoy winter...I started ice skating on ponds/lakes and cross country skiing a couple of years ago and it definitely makes winter fun. Fingers crossed for cold, ice making weather!! or good snowfall for skiing. I lean a little bit harder towards skating, though.

Definitely contact me for any inquiries...I try to get back to people as fast as a I can.

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